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Rebuilding The Party with Grace and Determination

As we rebuild this Party, I believe it is incumbent on all of us to be as graceful, determined and positive as possible. We have all made mistakes and done good works, and we find ourselves in the position of having been rejected by a large part of our constituency.

So let us all take personal stock and decide how best to contribute to rebuilding. For me this means acknowledging the hard work of our members and our elected officials. It means recognizing the challenges that each of us has faced and deciding what to keep and what to question. In the next few months we will be selecting a new executive at the national level, we will be setting a direction for the Party based on principles that we validate as Liberals, and we will be looking at organizational and process issues in order to pursue our principled direction.

For my part, I would like to thank the members who have stayed with the Party despite frustrations and disappointments. I would like to acknowledge the work of the members of the National Board of Directors and Elected Officials throughout the Party who have had to make difficult choices within the political realities we have faced. I welcome new members to the Liberal team, who are wiling to sign on to the work we all face.

And finally, I call on all Liberals to take stock of whom we are, decide what we want to accomplish, set a plan for achieving our goals, and then turn the page with determination, grace and above all personal responsibility for the outcome.

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