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Maryanne's Biography

It is said that politics is the "art of the possible". Maryanne Kampouris believes anything is possible with the right leadership and hard work. She knows from practical experience about the work that Liberals have been and are willing to put into their communities. She will be a strong, honest voice to help her constituents realise their dreams.

Liberal Party Involvement
Maryanne has been politically active since the age of fourteen, at both the local and the federal levels. Since joining the Liberal Party of Canada, she has been an event organiser, an election campaign worker, and Communications Manager in support of MP Don Boudria.

As a member of the Glengarry-Prescott-Russell EDA, Maryanne has knocked on doors for the last four Liberal candidates, facilitated meaningful debate on issues of importance to the Association, and brought community concerns to the attention of the Party.

During the past five years, Ms. Kampouris has enhanced her involvement as elected Chair of the LPC(O) Policy Committee and Table Officer of LPC(O)'s Management Committee. She has worked diligently towards bettering the policy function of 106 Ontario EDAs and providing oversight to the largest PTA in the Liberal Party federation. She established a three-pronged approach built upon a business model involving research, training and grassroots consultation. This has proved very successful in building capacity at the EDA level, and as a means of outreach to local communities.

Now, with the upcoming election of officers, it is upon this solid foundation that Maryanne is determined to bring her expertise and proven performance to the national level and contribute as a team player to the rebuilding of the Party.

Maryanne is offering her professional and strategic skills to the Policy Chair position on the National Board of Directors.

Biographical Information
Maryanne Kampouris was born in Sudbury in 1956. She now lives in the village of Maxville, Ontario, where she and her husband have raised four children. Her community involvement has included work as the Chairperson for many organizations, such as the local Chamber of Commerce, Women's Institute, school advisory committee, and EDA Policy Committee.

Ms. Kampouris earned a Executive MBA from the University of Ottawa (2003), has built a family business from the ground up, and is a tireless community activist bringing local issues to the national forefront over the past 25 years.

Maryanne specializes in business development, market research, organisational analysis through the HR and financial lens, and planning and marketing strategy. Her management consulting firm provides support to local businesses in Eastern Ontario, all levels of government, and not-for-profit organisations.

Maryanne has lived, worked and travelled across the country, thus affording her the opportunity to meet many people of different cultures and diverse backgrounds. She can work and communicate fluently in both official languages, and is certified bilingual.

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