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Maryanne's Endorsements

December 07, 2011

In a crowded field, the National Policy chair has a very important job in moderating the policy process of the Party for the next 2 year cycle. Though this is a crowded field with 2 passionate young liberals running for the position I feel that Maryanne Kampouris is by far the most qualified of the candidates and would do the best job as a national policy chair. Maryanne knows the party policy process inside and out, especially in her role as LPCO policy chair. She has been fair in her role, and hasn't put any special interest above others in her Ontario role. I believe that her experience and knowledge of the internal policy system would be very advantageous in a period of rebuilding and she would be a fair policy chair that would help the party and its grassroots find its vision for the future.

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Jamie Callingham
Policy Chair, Pickering Scarborough East Federal Liberal Association

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