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Maryanne's Endorsements

December 19, 2011

The position of Chair of the Liberal Party's Policy and Platform is an unenviable job!

In this role you neither win friends nor influence people, but instead, are blamed for a myriad assortment of evils including the party's present state. The task of shepherding ideas generated by grass roots Liberals into policy that is encompassed in a platform, is an almost impossible task, given the present state of affairs where a leader may ignore the results of the party policy process and craft a Platform based on their own vision of Canada.

Today, in this increasingly politically divisive climate that is Canadian politics, it is even more important, if not down right imperative, that leaders listen to their grassroots.

Taking strong positions on matters of social, economic, environmental and international policies that are supported and originated from the grassroots, will be the only way that the Liberal Party will climb out of its present dismal position as the third party in Parliament.

A strong grassroots Chair of the Policy and Platform Committee, committed to hard work and sensitive to the needs of the party is essential.

Maryanne Kampouris has been a member of this committee for a number of years, knows the frustrations associated with promoting the ideas of the grassroots, and as such has the stamina, commitment and institutional history that will be necessary in steering this committee in the coming years.

Sally McGrath
New Brunswick Representative on the Policy and Platform Committee of the Liberal Party of Canada

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