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Maryanne's Endorsements

December 17, 2011

Dear Liberal Membership,

It is without hesitation that I write this endorsement for Maryanne Kampouris as the next National Policy Chair for the Liberal Party of Canada.

I have had the distinct privilege to work with Maryanne over the past many years on the NPEP committee and have come to recognize the many strengths and abilities that Maryanne has to offer to the position of National Policy Chair.

Maryanne has the knowledge, skills and significant years of experience in managing issues and policy development. Her profound commitment to the Liberal Party of Canada is both inspiring and compelling and she displays the energy, skills of diplomacy and willingness to manage any challenge that she may encounter.

Maryanne recognizes the importance of communicating to all within the Liberal Party and is particularly sensitive to the necessity for this Party to develop a galvanizing relationship with the membership and beyond.

The impetus that compels Maryanne to seek nomination for this position brings integrity and sincerity to her campaign.

The Liberal Party of Canada stands at a critical moment in its history of existence. We as Liberals need to find that leadership that will clearly define and articulate our values and principles for all Canadians. We need leadership that inspires and motivates! I believe that Maryanne Kampouris provides this quality of leadership.

Wendy Menzies
Policy Chair for LPC/Manitoba

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