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Maryanne's Endorsements

November 25, 2011

To whom it may concern:

Re: Endorsement for Maryanne Kampouris for National Policy Chair

Please accept this letter as a hearty endorsement for Maryanne Kampouris who is running to become our next National Policy Chair at the 2012 Biennial Convention.

I have worked with Maryanne on the National Policy Committee for a number of years now, and know her as a strong advocate for engagement with the "grass roots" membership of our Party and for Canadians generally.

To my way of thinking, we need someone with Maryanne's extensive background working on policy issues at the regional and national levels, and who will help guide our progress at this critical time in the life of the Liberal Party of Canada.

We are, indeed, at a critical point in our history. We must find a way to confirm and articulate our Liberal values and express these in the strongest of terms to Canadians so that they have a clear choice at the next general election! This will involve consistent and persistent leadership on our National Executive, a body on which the National Policy Chair plays a key role.

In closing, I believe Maryanne will represent the Party well in this critical role, and with no reservation, I wish to endorse her candidacy!


Kirk Cameron
Past President, Liberal Party of Canada - Yukon / Northern Canada Policy Chair, Liberal Party of Canada

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