Maryanne Kampouris Maryanne Kampouris Les Appuis de Maryanne Ottawa 2012

Appuis pour Maryanne

Hon. Don Boudria
Former MP, Glengarry-Prescott-Russell

Maryanne... will make an excellent National Policy Chair. ... Texte entire

Austin Bowman
Policy Chair, Liberal Party of Prince Edward Island

Depth of experience... stamina... and diplomacy... Maryanne has all these qualities and is uniquely qualified for this position. ... Texte entire

Wendy Butler
VP Policy, Liberal Party of Canada (Alberta)

Maryanne's selfless commitment to the NPEP, the Liberal Party and to all Liberals is why I am standing behind her candidacy to become National Policy Chair. ... Texte entire

Jamie Callingham
Policy Chair, Pickering Scarborough East Federal Liberal Association

In a crowded field... Maryanne Kampouris is by far the most qualified of the candidates and would do the best job as National Policy chair. ... Texte entire

Kirk Cameron
Past President, Liberal Party of Canada - Yukon / Northern Canada Policy Chair, Liberal Party of Canada

I believe Maryanne will represent the Party well in this critical role, and with no reservation, I wish to endorse her candidacy! ... Texte entire

Cherish Clarke / Chadwick Cowie
In-Coming APC Co-Chairs

We are proud to endorse Maryanne Kampouris for the... National Policy Chair... her depth of knowledge and record of devotion... has served her well. [She] has a wealth of experience in policy... ... Texte entire

Wayne Easter
MP, Malpeque PE / International Trade Critic / Former Rural Affairs Critic

Maryanne has the experience, skill and openness that is required of this pivotal position during the Party's renewal. ... Texte entire

Adam Exton
Communications Director, Barrie Young Liberals

Maryanne is talented, competent, and a genuinely good person; and it is my pleasure to endorse her for National Policy Chair. ... Texte entire

Marina Lessard, Ph.D
Vice-présidente Est , Parti libéral du Canada (Québec)

Maryanne... Tu as tout le charisme pour le poste! ... Texte entire

Theresa Lubowitz
Author: What Have You Done For Democracy Lately?

When it comes to... National Policy Chair there is only one candidate with the wealth of experience required of the position and that is Maryanne Kampouris. ... Texte entire

Sally McGrath
New Brunswick Representative on the Policy and Platform Committee of the Liberal Party of Canada

Maryanne Kampouris... knows the frustrations associated with promoting the ideas of the grassroots... has the stamina, commitment and institutional history... necessary in steering this committee... ... Texte entire

Cindy Duncan McMillan
Candidate Pontiac, QC, 2011

I am proud to be supporting Maryanne Kampouris... the Go-to person on policy and LPC constitution... ... Texte entire

Wendy Menzies
Policy Chair for LPC/Manitoba

We need leadership that inspires and motivates! I believe that Maryanne Kampouris provides this quality of leadership. ... Texte entire

Melvin Mercer
Policy Chair, Newfoundland and Labrador

I am pleased to offer my support to Maryanne Kampouris for National Policy Chair... [who] will strive, unrelentingly, to realize the expectations of all party members. ... Texte entire

Bev Millar, CNE, CPSS, BA
Carleton-Mississipi Mills Women's Club Delegate

Maryanne - you definitely have my support. Thank you for running. ... Texte entire

Michelle Simson
Former MP, Scarborough Southwest / Co-chair of the National Liberal Caucus Communications Committee

Maryanne is bright, energetic and passionate... Her understanding of policy development and how it SHOULD work is unparalleled... ... Texte entire

Howard Stevenson
President, Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario)

The Liberal Party will be well served with Maryanne Kampouris as Policy Chair... [she] knows what needs to be done and no-one will work harder at making it happen! ... Texte entire

Joseph Uranowski
Blogger: The Equivocator /

Managerial competence is, above all, what I am looking for in the next policy chair... Maryanne Kampouris... is the candidate who has the expertise... ... Texte entire

Ray Won
LPC(O) South West Region Policy Committee Representative

Maryanne... has always provided leadership in the policy development process. Her passion... has inspired ridings to work together... ... Texte entire


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